Affairs of The Heart

All matrimonial events.
Pricing starts at a flat $1,500: 
-includes 50 images, or +$200 for 100 images for all microweddings/elopements (under 10 guests),
-+$300 for 100 images for ceremony only, or +$500 for 200 images for full day microweddings/elopements (under 50 guests), 
-+$400 for 200 images for ceremony only, or +$700 for 500 images for full day weddings (50+ guests).

I offer second shooting (being an additional photographer to the main photographer) for $1,500, including all .jpg images taken throughout the day. 
Primary focus is on natural candids... don't worry about being "photogenic"!
Creative Campaigns*

All campaigns involving at least one model, your product, and unlimited idea sessions/advising.
Pricing starts at $60/hour spent on the shoot, plus $175 per 5 finished images.
Your Closeup, Lovers, Broods

All general photoshoots, such as senior portraits, engagements, couples, families.
Pricing starts at $60/hour spent on the shoot, plus $150 per 5 finished images. 
Outfits are unlimited; changes are on the clock.
Girlbosses, Boybosses

All headshot or digital sessions.
Pricing starts at $200 for 5 standard headshots.
$300 covers 10 standard headshots.
Each additional headshot (more than 10) will cost $20.
Bring your Things

All product photoshoots, involving your product and 1 idea session/advising.
Pricing starts at $200 for 5 images.
$300 covers 10 images.
Each additional image (more than 10) will cost $20

Cost covers time used for transportation, time used for edits, and inevitable wear on materials.

All images you will receive are fully-edited images; originals can be included by request only**.

Each finished image will be sent in a color, black and white, tiff, and jpg file. For each "finished image", you will receive 4 total images.

All images will be sent to you via Google Drive, and will remain on Google Drive for 3 months from your sent date 
(so please download your images sooner than later!).

All photoshoots have a two-week turnaround***.

Expedition for a 5-day turnaround is an additional $50 per 5 finished images.

If a refund is necessary for a plausible reason, and you do not wish for a make-up photoshoot, you will be reimbursed 60% of your total.

*campaign or event photoshoots require meetings. 30 minutes of the first meeting is free.
**originals can be included at no additional cost, in addition to edited photos. Original photos without an addition of edits can be provided at a rate determined by the amount provided.
***if the amount of finished images exceeds 25, there will be an additional week per 10 photos. Large events have a default turnaround time of at least 1 month, I will discuss realistic turnaround times depending on the affair.
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